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The Fox Business Journal is a publication that focuses on the world of business news and business education, edited and published by Fox College of Business.  The journal is run by the faculty members, students and friends of the college and is tasked with both covering relevant news and articles for general audience, and providing useful information for anyone pursuing a career in business.

The Fox Business Journal seeks to publish distinguished articles, interviews, case studies, and news in issues relating to areas of Finance, Management, Marketing, Real Estate and Technology.


About Fox College of Business


Fox College of Business is a private business college in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Fox provides business programs including higher diploma, certificate, seminar, workshop and custom corporate training. The motto of the college is "Stop at Perfection".


Fox College of Business is the first institution in the world that provides lease audit program to accounting, legal and real estate professionals all over the world.  The College is also an Approved Education Provider by the Registrar, Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002.  Other than specialized in real estate, we are also the experts in management, finance and marketing fields.


Terms Specific to Fox Business Journal


Individuals may print single copy of Fox Business Journal articles for personal and non-commercial use. Reproduction of multiple copies or dissemination for teaching or commercial use requires the permission of Fox College of Business.  Please read our Disclaimer before using any of the information contained herein.






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